Ray of Sun


Who among us couldn't use a little sunshine?  

Ray of Sun delivers a "little box of sunshine" containing all forms of yellow toys and treats, to children who are going through the loss of a parent or another challenging life event.

The ultimate goal is to send a surprise package of fun! And, in the process, show them that there are many people, familiar and unfamiliar, who care enough to see to it that they have a moment of sunshine.  

The Story behind Ray of Sun

Ray of Sun got its start under an umbrella at several rainy second grade soccer games where I stood with a wonderful gentleman to chat and stay dry. Every weekend, in the Seattle rain, we watched our kids play soccer. 

One day, he was gone. A heart attack. 

The months rolled by and as the room mom, I frequently visited the classroom. I could see the continued sadness in her eyes. I knew I had to do something yet my internet searches came up empty.....

The inspiration for RAY OF SUN was there, in this little girls eyes. I made a little box of sunshine in the hope that it might brighten just one day for her and her brother.  

A little box of sunshine has a few key elements - hand painted flowers on the outside with the name of the recipient, they are bright yellow on the inside for a spark of sun when opened and they are filled with all sorts of fun yellow items. 

Our colorful box can be sent to any child in need of a sunny day. There is no rule when it comes to brightening someone's day - we think everyone can use a little sun! 

When sent in memoriam, we have typically targeted a date 8-10 weeks after the funeral or services. We will be happy to hold your order until a specified date or date range.  


Tina B 

- Mom of recipient

"This comes at a perfect time! She's feeling like everyone is disappearing. Thank you!

She LOVED the box! Thank you so much! You did the yellow for sunshine but it was also her Dad's favorite color."

Thoughts from Professionals

As an early trauma therapist, I see people in my office every day who suffered grievous losses at very young ages. Such experiences leave people feeling lost and alone, fragmented. Every act of kindness, every loving gesture, every caring gift helps to bring balance to the grief and loss. It helps us know that when we feel lost in grief, we are not really alone, other people are thinking of us, caring about us. Like breadcrumbs guiding us through the dark forest, back to the light. The gesture, helps the person in grief feel lighter, even for a moment, and that can make all the difference.  I think Ray of Sun is a brilliant project with the capacity to facilitate healing after great loss. 

-Hope Maltz, MS, GCFP, SEP, OIX Trauma Relief Specialist at MovingIntoComfort.com    

Ray of Sun is brilliant! When a tragedy hits a family it's the kids that often get overlooked. To have something meant especially for them arrive in a colorful, bright sunny box is a great way to help. The kids love it, and the parent(s) are so appreciative.    

-Pat Sharp, Ph.D. Clinic Director Neuroeducation, Inc., P.C.   

Buy One Give One

For every 5 boxes purchased Ray of Sun will donate a box to a child in need. We are in the process of finalizing a partnership and look forward to sending even more sunshine.

If you would also like to send some sunshine, there will be an opportunity at check out to send an additional box at a reduced fee to one of the children in need. Thank you for your generosity and joining us in our mission to delivery happiness!


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